I was born and raised in Belgium, and as a kid I found myself amazed by the underwater documentaries of Jacques Cousteau. My childhood dreams were filled with underwater images and wonderful creatures. Despite this, my life took a different direction and I studied music for several years whilst doing odd jobs to make a living.

My interest in photography surfaced much later. By the age of 27 I was determined to leave the comfort of my native country and go on an adventure in South East Asia. During this time I started to take my first shots with a basic DSLR camera. Enthusiasm, dedication and lots of practice have enabled me to improve my photographic techniques.

It was pure happenstance that brought me to SCUBA diving, and it was after this experience that I decided to become a diving professional. I have been working in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines for more than seven years now, guiding and teaching diving as well as photography. My passion for the underwater world keeps me hunting out the amazing critters that the ocean offers me, and capturing them for everyone to see.

Sunset over the Mekong, Laos